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Equipment Sales

Connected Right procures software and hardware such as PCs/laptops, network gear, and Microsoft licenses. Over the years we have been in business and the customers we have served, we have built a list vendors and manufacturers that we buy from that have given our customer a high level of return on investment. Some of these vendors are as follows:


Dell, Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft Surface

Network Gear

Fortinet, Ubiquiti, Cisco, Ruckus

When it comes to computers, we find that buying cheap is not always the best value.  We guide our customers to purchase business-class systems.  We believe this is important for several reasons:

  • Lifecycle:  business-class lines of computers are built to last longer and are supported longer by the manufacturer with firmware and driver updates.
  • Quality of build:  business-class computers have a higher grade of build and materials, making them less susceptible to damage and failure due to low quality parts.
  • Initial Setup Costs:  since most consumer-class systems come with Home versions of Windows, we find that the cost to upgrade combined with the labor time it takes to remove the retail/consumer-specific software from the computer build that is pre-installed offsets the costs difference of buying a business-class PC in the first place.

For the customers we work with, we ask that all hardware purchases go through us so we can ensure a supportable product is procured since we will be supporting it once introduced to the IT environment.