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IT Security

IT Security, while always having been an important facet of business, has become an absolute necessity for even the smallest company. Connected Right uses IT security standards, top-tier products, and partnerships with leading security vendors to help customers secure and protect their IT assets.

Connected Right has several guiding principles for assisting our customers with securing their IT infrastructure and assets. These tenets are as follows:

Security First

Security must be a top priority and considered in all facets of a customer environment.

Security Frameworks

Use of security frameworks, such as NIST or CIS, provide necessary guidance for customers securing their environments.

Leading Vendors

Partnering with leading security vendors strengthens the customer's security profile by utilizing subject matter experts in specific domains.

Top Tier Products

Use of proven, top-tier security products is essential to protecting business assets.


  • Create/Review Information Security Policy
  • Create/Review Incident Response Plan
  • Create/Review Business Continuity Plan
  • Cybersecurity Insurance


  • Network probes, looking for unexpected or unauthorized devices on the network
  • Audits and monitoring of authentication sources for anomolous activities
  • Vulnerability scans/assessments
  • Segmentation of functional networks


  • Patch management of all endpoints
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Endpoint Detection and Response software
  • Managed SOC monitoring
  • Threat Hunting services to look for footholds
  • Drive encryption
  • DNS filtering


  • Email filtering/scanning
  • Phishing protections
  • Security Training
  • Phishing Testing
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Data backups

Please check our service plans for more information on how we can help you secure your company’s IT assets.