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Service Plans


Our PROACTIVE plan is our mid-range coverage plan. This plan includes what we consider best practices for non-regulated industries - everything a business needs to protect and maintain their IT infrastructure and digital assets. With this plan, we include more management services in the pricing structure to ensure a proactive stance is taken so your IT infrastructure is maintained and operating well, making your and your employees' use of technology efficient and productive. This reduces downtime and improves overall security to ensure your vital IT assets are protected.

Before engagement, we will assess your network to determine if there are any gaps in standards and make any recommendations we consider necessary to close those gaps. Once remediation is complete, we will help you maintain and monitor your IT assets with the following focus:

♦ We provide full server management, ensuring regular maintenance of servers is performed configurations are made using best practices, and overall health of your servers is good. We still include server monitoring and automatic operating system plus third party patching just like our other plans.

♦ We monitor alerts and logs from your network components and firewall to watch for anomolies as well as periodically review configurations to ensure proper configuration. We also apply manufacturer-supplied software and firmware updates for supported gear as necessary. As equipment gets older or needs change, we also make recommendations for upgrades.

♦ We backup all server data to secure cloud services with full recovery capabilities.

♦ We bundle several endpoint protection products that go above and beyond the advanced endpoint protection we use. These watch for threats, monitor system logs for behavioral anomolies, scan for system vulnerabilities, and provide DNS filtering for devices that are not behind a UTM firewall.

♦ We include management of operating system health, automatic operating system plus third party patching, and lifecycle management for all PCs in your environment. This is deployed through our endpoint management agent which handles automation of tasks, deployment of software, and remote control for our technicians to assist you more quickly and less expensively.

♦ We provide and maintain an advanced email security bundle for each user in your company. We scan all inbound and outbound email for viruses, malware, spam, and phishing attempts using top-rated mail protection products. We also protect your Office 365 and SharePoint data with secured cloud-based backups for each user.

♦ We provide and maintain multi-factor authentication services that protect your computers, VPN, remote access, email, and other cloud services.

♦ To get help fast and even help yourself using KB articles for common issues, we provide access to our support portal. From here you open new help requests, request new purchases, and can see all of your users, systems, and service requests in one location.

  • Covers Needs of Most Businesses
  • Provides Maintenance of Your Systems

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