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Service Plans


Our COMPLETE plan is most comprehensive plan. It includes everything PROACTIVE plan provides and adds the following additional benefits:

♦ We provide Security Awareness Training to all users with a management interface allowing each customer to manage and report on the status of security training compliance with their employees.

♦ We provide recurring phishing tests sent to employees and remediation training as needed. Being a part of the Security Awareness Training platform, each customer's management team can manage and report on compliance of their employees in the same was as Security Awareness Training.

♦ We backup all server data to secure cloud services with full recovery capabilities.

♦ We bundle several endpoint protection products that go above and beyond the advanced endpoint protection we use. These watch for threats, monitor system logs for behavioral anomolies, scan for system vulnerabilities, and provide DNS filtering for devices that are not behind a UTM firewall.

♦ We include end-user support for all employes as part of the bundled price for the COMPLETE plan. This helps avoid resistance to utilizing our helpdesk services when problems come up since employees don't have to worry about incurring additional costs. This keeps our customers IT costs from varying much each month.

  • Most comprehensive plan
  • Labor included

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