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Our Services

IT Management Services

We manage your connected technologies so you can focus on running your business.

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IT Management

We manage the critical technologies you use to run your business so everything keeps running smoothly.

IT Security

We provide and maintain best-in-class IT security products that protect your endpoints, email, and cloud systems.

Helpdesk Services

We provide support services so your team has someone to lean into if they need help with their technology.

Equipment Sales

We procure and install many top brands of computer equipment and software for use by our customers.

3CX Phone Systems

We sell, install, and maintain the popular 3CX VoIP phone system and various brands of VoIP phones.

Why Choose Us

Experience and Trust

Because of the critical nature of technology and digital assets in today's business, there is an unequaled level of trust that is needed between a company's leadership and their IT service provider to ensure the guidance given and decisions made on behalf of the customer are truly in that customer’s best interest. Furthermore, the IT provider’s first mission should be to protect their customers’ IT assets.

At Connected Right, we take this responsibility very seriously, making sure that we provide best-in-class software and security products, following best-practices for administration, and going above and beyond in every interaction with our customers. Using our depth of experience alongside this commitment to provide the highest level of support and technology solutions to our customers, we have earned this trust from each our customers.

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  • Right-sized Solutions

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