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IT Management

Connected Right identifies and cares for all technology assets its customers use to operate their businesses as well as oversees its computer-based activities. this includes procuring and configuring hardware and software, making sure that all hardware and software is running optimally, conducting regular backups, creating and enforcing policies for use of systems, reporting to stakeholders the state of these assets, and managing each asset’s lifecycle. And now that cloud-based systems have become an integral part of most business’ workflow, Connected Right also helps the customer manage those data assets as well.

There are several key benefits that a company realizes by having Connected Right provide IT Management to their company:

Increased productivity
Working with our customers, we ensure each employee has the right resources they need to perform their duties. We also provide technical support to assist those employees if there are issues. This helps increase productivity and employee morale, which benefits the business in many ways.

Reduction in costs
With the proper tools and systems in place, there is less downtime and less risk to the business from cyber attack. This translates directly as reduced costs to the business.

IT Management dictates protocols and procedures are put in place. This helps standarize the businesses operations to give employees clear standards and protect the company’s sensitive data.

Enhanced growth
Managing a business’ IT systems helps discover and forecast future needs for storage or systems, helping businesses grow more effectively and implement systems that are required for such growth in a controlled way.

Please check our service plans for more information on how we can help you manage your IT assets.